«The protection of the natural and cultural environment constitutes a duty of the State and a right of every person«. Constitution of Greece, article 24.

From my teenage years I remember elder people telling me that Thessaloniki city’s architecture is destroyed and nothing could be done for its maintenance. Through the years I’ve lived outside Greece for studies and for my profession as journalist and I realized that there are a lot of valuable architectural traces in the city of Thessaloniki and specially from its recent history (20th century). One of those traces is «The Exarhopoulos Mansion». This short film is a call for help for this house in the old seaside of the city.

What is needed is that people change their mentality and respect themselves and their origins. One possible solution is not to discuss about the matters but to act in order to solve them.

The short film «The Exarhopoulos Mansion»* is the beginning and we’re hoping to be able to continue for a longer film version in this direction.

Christos Kallitsis

a Documenda Films production


*Participated in the 14th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (9-18.3.2012)

short link: http://wp.me/P21GWv-2x