(Yparhi elpida)

It is the second part of a documentary films trilogy with subject the right of each citizen to protect his quality of life.

“Going on foot to school” is the subtitle of the film which summarises the need of every citizen (in the greek contemporary cities) for pavements, free spaces and neighbourhoods. A small number of people give some time of their own to create a group, apply to the appropriate authorities and courts, and communicate the event. They remain together and finally the results of their act are obvious.
«There is hope» is a reminder that we can be optimistic if we try.

a documentary film by «Documenda Films»
Thessaloniki – GREECE

duration: 30 minutes
director: Christos Kallitsis
editor: Ada Liakοu
distribution: info@documenda.gr

YΠΑΡΧΕΙ ΕΛΠΙΔΑ – ΤHERE IS HOPE από kallitsisfilm