We have many problems in Greece, one of them is that pavements in almost every city-neighbourhood are violated by motorcycles & cars.
 How will people in Greece change their mentality respecting the urban environnment and finally keep walking in pavements that are free from vehicles? Walking is a priority for living.

The “Free Pavements” campaign is an open invitation for the people to be socially responsible and respect the use of the pavements in Greece. For this to happen we probably need to insist.

Are the citizens able to handle pavements with care?

For standing upright we need free pavements. Free pavements without cars and motorcycles.

You may watch the 1-minute films:

WALKERS’ STREETS (respect the use of the pavements by walkers)

BIKING (leave the motorbike take the bike)


PAVEMENTS WITHOUT CARS (a successful example of citizens’ actions for the proper use of the pavements around the Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki)

PAVEMENTS WITHOUT MOTORBIKES (how to use the parking places for motorbikes)

ENLIGHTENED STEPS (walking can create energy through the pavegen)

FREE PAVEMENTS (peoples’ movement for the law to be implemented on the pavements)

Christos Kallitsis
journalist / film-maker

Note: The campaign with subject FREE PAVEMENTS is sponsored by the Keep Walking Project.

Τα σχόλια είναι απενεργοποιημένα.